How It Works

Using our Advanced Curriculum is as easy as 123.

1) Each homeschooler in your household gets their own virtual classroom.
This is great because you can track their individual progress, know what video classes they have watched and for how long. And since our entire curriculum is available online 24/7 you can access it from any computer connected to the Internet.

2) Students work at their own pace.
Each subject is broken up into hour long chunks. An hour includes a combination of video classes and worksheets.

3) At the end of the year you get a certificate and transcript as a record of your work.

In the past the only way to learn at home was by reading dry boring textbooks.

You could study a textbook for hours and still wonder if your doing it right. And the information is one-size-fits-all, and if you don’t fit…too bad. provides truly individualized education; with our state of the art system every student gets their own virtual classroom.

Imagine a school were every student had the curriculum custom fit to their individual needs and learning style. Imagine no more, with it’s a reality!